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Alexandra are part of Men’s Warehouse UK and are the UK’s largest provider of work wear to the SME market, with a market share of over 40% and a turnover of more than £35 million. Having been acquired recently the Men’s Warehouse, a U.S. based apparel business, Alexandra has been refocusing its business model from the retail store footprint to a more significant web presence.

eCommonSense was asked to perform a strategic overview of the businesses digital estate and make recommendations for improvement, due to it performing below expectations.

Strategic plan

A strategic multi-channel plan was drawn up for the business highlighting an approach and the appropriate technology to significantly increase the digital revenues and build a best in class multi-channel offering.

Recruitment, mentoring and coaching of internal digital team

With a lack of eCommerce expertise within the senior management team, it was essential for Alexandra to get up to speed quickly.  eCommonSense assessed the internal team and provided coaching and training where necessary, in addition to assisting with the recruitment process to put a permanent digital marketing manager into the business.

Digital project partner assessment and replacement

A thorough assessment of the existing digital partner was carried out, in addition to assessing whether the right eCommerce platform had been utilised for the business.  We provided a report to the management team which confirmed that, although the right platform was being employed, the partner had insufficient experience to deliver a successful project. eCommonSense did a thorough market assessment and recommended a new digital partner who was then engaged by the business.

Digital development partner selection criteria

As part of the process of finding a new digital development partner, a full criteria was defined and written up in order that all the business requirements were met.  This process ensured that the appropriate partner was found that had the right experience to build a complex business to business eCommerce solution.

Digital marketing agency criteria for selection

We also carried out a thorough market assessment to find the appropriate digital marketing agencies for the business across online advertising, search engine optimisation, social media, public relations and more traditional offline media.

Crowd sourcing for internal engagement and innovation

As part of the 160-year anniversary of Alexandra, the management team wanted to re-engage with the staff, as previous frequent changes in leadership and management team had left the business without a clear direction. eCommonSense utilised a crowdsourcing methodology to effect an employee engagement programme throughout the business. This had more than 90% participation and generated a huge amount of goodwill and innovative ideas which are were selected for implementation.

Customer voice advocate on the website steering group

As part of delivering the web strategy, eCommonSense sat on the steering committee playing the role of the customer voice and quality assurance in order to make sure that the customers requirements came first and that the business processes and offering were designed around their requirements.

Product data management project

Like all product businesses, Alexandra had product data problems, in that over the years huge complexity had been inadvertently built into the system, resulting in lack of governance a robust data model and common ways of working in respect of product on boarding and maintenance. eCommonSense introduced software into the business that could solve these problems and provide a sustainable way of managing product data for the future.

Content creation and product descriptions

As their product range increased in size and diversity across different industries different people in the business got involved with writing content and product descriptions.  This led to inconsistencies in style and a lack of a corporate tone of voice or brand. We provided professional content creation and copywriting services, whilst creating protocols and standards to follow for product on boarding and maintenance.

Image credit: Phalinn Ooi via Flickr (CC BY 2.0) 

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