Bosideng eCommerce

Bosideng are China’s largest retailer with over 10,000 stores in mainland China and Hong Kong. In 2012 they opened their first store outside of China in London and proceeded to build the brand.

Strategic plan

A strategic multi-channel plan was drawn up for the business highlighting an approach and the appropriate technology to take the digital proposition forward. The plan highlighted the opportunity of selling online and the technology required to build a best in class multi-channel offering.

Mentoring of internal digital team

With no eCommerce expertise on the management team, it was essential for Bosideng to get up to speed quickly. eCommonSense assessed the internal team and provided coaching and training where necessary.

Digital agency replacement

Following a legacy choice of web development agency, which ended in a total breakdown in the relationship between Bosideng and the agency, eCommonSense recommended a new digital partner who could help deliver the companies aspirations.

Launching international website

As part of an international expansion programme Bosideng wanted to launch the business in the United States. With no supply chain or website in place for the US business, eCommonSense advised on how to achieve US expansion.

Strategic IT and supply chain review

Bosideng had acquired a UK business, which they hoped to leverage their entry into the UK market. The IT systems and supply chain were not fit for purpose for web trading and required a strategic overhaul. eCommonSense provided an interim IT and supply chain director to the business for 3 months to carry out a requirements and capability review. A detailed report was provided to the management team, including recommendations for how to move the IT and supply chain capability of the business forward and make it fit for purpose.

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