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Jewson are part of Saint-Gobain Building Distribution UK and one of Britain’s largest builders merchants with over 600 branches and a turnover in excess of £1.5 billion via a 600 strong store network with over 8000 employees, selling everything from sand and cement to solar panels and kitchens.

An outdated back office ERP system that did not support web trading and a supply chain that was geared towards bulk ordering and not fit for purpose for web trading were just two of the huge challenges the business faced in building a multi-channel model.

After spending over £1 million and more than 12 months trying unsuccessfully to get their business online, Jewson turned to the eCommonSense management team for some expert assistance.

Strategy advice to the group

Working with senior members of the management team, we created an overarching group strategy for effective trading on the Internet.

Strategic plan

A detailed strategic plan was created, taking into account all the systems and process change that would be required to deliver a multi-channel business model. From this, several project plans were created in order to see the projects through to completion.

Mentoring and coaching the senior management and the digital team

In order to get ‘buy in’ senior members of the management team were coached and advised about how digital trading would affect the business.  The internal digital team were also coached and up-skilled in order to be able to deliver the strategy.

Lead digital agency selection criteria and appointment

In order to deliver the digital aspirations, an experienced fulfilment partner was appointed in order to help build the required digital assets.

Rationalisation of digital suppliers

Before this project was commenced, Jewson had more than 10 suppliers of digital services, none of which were working effectively together, nor were they accountable for results. This lead to poor performance, repeated efforts and increased management time. Poorly performing suppliers were rejected, whilst a small number of effective suppliers were retained to work under the lead digital agency and be managed by them in order to create levels of accountability for performance.

eCommerce website

A pragmatic and rapid deployment of the first eCommerce websites for the business, one  selling hardware and tools, the other selling outdoor landscaping materials was achieved by utilising the Magento  eCommerce platform after the group shared services IT department had run over time and over budget on a project that had run into serious delivery problems. This enabled the business to get online rapidly and at a cost, which was within budget.

Back office integration plan

Due to the business being midway through an ERP selection process it was not practical to carry out a complex integration project, so a low impact solution was implemented, which allowed orders to get pushed through to the drop ship supplier for direct delivery to customers, allowed click and collect to occur at branches and the physical branches to be credited with the sales  from the website.

Supply chain solution

As a bulk distribution direct from manufacturer supply chain was in place, this would not meet the requirements of single item low volume director customer domestic premises internet selling proposition.  Redesigning the entire business supply chain was not a practical solution, so a third party drop shipper was utilised to fulfil web orders whilst giving a seamless fully branded experience to the customer.

Enriched product data project

With over half a million product SKUs over the Jewson / Saint-Gobain group and product data in various states and formats, a master data management programme was instigated. Enriched product data was the objective, as this would be necessary for effectively selling on the web. A data model was designed and built and provided to suppliers via a web portal where they could enrich their data to the new required standards.

Net promoter score

As the business sorts to improve and measure the customer experience, we introduced the concept of net promoter score into the business, which was adopted across 600 branches and is now the mechanism by which branch performance  in regard to customer satisfaction is measured.

Cloud telephony solution implementation

A legacy telephone system that did not support remote working or inbound telephone call origination logging was not suitable for the extended opening hours of the web proposition. We introduced and implemented a cloud based  telephone system which enabled remote and flexible working whilst maintaining a seamless customer journey.

Social media campaign to launch the new website

A well-crafted and designed social media campaign was utilised to promote and launch the new tools and hardware e-commerce site.  This campaign took Jewson from being the least ‘liked’ builders merchants in Britain to the most ‘liked’ in the space of three months, whilst also attracting national media coverage and great PR for the business. This campaign also won an international communications award within the group.

Crowd sourcing project and new website to reinvigorate kitchen category

The kitchen category had been languishing and was in need of reinvigorating. A new website was launched to promote the new kitchen proposition, which was designed in part by utilising  a crowd sourcing platform, which enabled the customers to give their opinion on what the proposition should look like and what  functionality website should have. The crowd sourcing technique was also used to engage and gather the opinions of the staff who worked in the kitchen category.

Knowledge sharing and best practice across the group

As a result of creating some valuable digital assets, experience and knowledge within Jewson, that knowledge then got spread throughout the group, both in the UK and internationally.

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