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The noise of technology and business speak can seem louder than the voices of the customer at times, so its good to remember why we’re all doing this in the first place; you might call it a bit of common sense.

If you don’t fix your data, it’ll boil you alive

If business data is poor, then the customer experience will also be poor. Data encompasses everything; product descriptions, specifications on website and catalogues, suppliers costs, bar codes and everything in between.

Where next for deliveries? Your mobile, of course

Doesn’t delivery-to-mobile deserve to be the next logical step for delivery excellence and delight? Hang on a minute – delivery-to-mobile!? That’s a nightmare, as mobiles are just that… mobile, right!

How your website can kill your stores

You can be certain that if you don’t incentivise your off-line store staff for online sales they will only ever see your company website as just another competitor which will mean it never reach its full potential.

We’re all lazy, so just make it easy to use!

Very few companies invest in making their products and websites easy-to-use and when I say easy-to-use, that means that you can read instruction manual if you want to, but you shouldn’t have to.

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