System readiness

Aligning your organisations systems and processes to satisfy increasingly demanding customers.

It’s likely that the systems that worked well for you when you only sold offline will not match the high customer expectations that a multi-channel approach brings. For example customers now expect to be able to self-serve and manage their own information and pay online, etc.

We help by:

  • Analysing, identifying and optimising how customers interact with your organisation (often described as ‘customer journeys’).
  • Finding and eliminating friction to make it easy for them – customers want their buying experience to be effortless. Removing all unnecessary hassle in the buying process enables a ‘frictionless’ experience.
  • Enabling you to deliver at scale and scale efficiently. Once we help you get your systems, processes and people aligned to deliver best in class customer experiences on a consistent basis, you can begin to deliver your service and products at a significantly larger scale.
  • Optimising transaction costs – Effective eCommerce and eBusiness can massively leverage your customers’ ability to self-serve and achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction. By systemising and automating menial tasks and low value interactions you can redeploy your staff into the high-value customer relationship management roles.

Back office

How well your back office ‘ERP’ systems are prepared will have a significant impact on the cost of transforming your organisation to a multi-channel model.

We help by:

  • Auditing and reporting on the impact on business systems caused by moving to a multi-channel model.
  • Scoping the technical and functional requirements for your back office to integrate with the web and mobile apps and what integration is required.
  • Sourcing, assessing and recommending the most appropriate systems and software.


Processes evolve over time and numerous inefficiencies are introduced along the way, including the way people like to work. Re-designing your processes to suit customer requirements is easier said than done. However creating a strategic process plan is an essential part of eCommerce systems readiness. You can’t begin to concentrate on satisfying customer demand and building a competitive advantage if your processes are not robust.

We help by:

  • Auditing and streamlining your processes.
  • Creating a detailed process plan.
  • Help you source, assess, choose and implement the right technologies.
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