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With over 25 years’ experience in the building trade and eCommerce, we have built the ultimate eCommerce and building product management solution for builders merchants and their suppliers to bring the benefits of trading online into their business at an affordable cost and at a ground breaking speed.

In 2013, we started developing the idea for our ‘Merchant Turnkey’ eCommerce and product management solution for the industry and after many years of development, we offer a fully integrated solution that has been specifically designed for the industry, but how did we get here?

We have building industry heritage

Prior to founding eCommonSense, Andy Scothern spent his early life in the building trade, starting work on building sites as a 5-year-old with his Dad, sweeping up and cleaning bricks for pocket money, then upon leaving school, qualifying as a cabinet maker and joiner before founding his my own property improvement company some years later.

Like all builders, Andy used to spend many hours telephoning his local merchants so he could price up jobs, which was always a distraction from earning money.

This process is what inspired many of the time saving ideas in our eCommerce solution came from. We wanted to build a web-based solution that saved builders time as much as it helps merchants.

How do you get from building houses to building eCommerce software?

As an early adopter of the Internet, Andy focussed on making his business more digital and after leaving the building industry in 2005, spent many years working for a range of international eCommerce businesses, later going back into the construction industry when he was asked to join Jewson as their director of eCommerce & digital, subsequently taking Jewson online.

It was while at Jewson that the challenges in maintaining prices, product data and integrating into legacy back-office systems across different branches and sales channels became hugely apparent.

After leaving Jewson in 2013, Andy set up eCommonSense and specialised in digital transformation for the builders merchant industry.

This varied experience across the construction and eCommerce industries has enabled us to figure out a common-sense approach to the challenges of a rapidly changing market place and the requirements of the builders merchant and their suppliers.

In addition to running eCommonSense, Andy works with the BMF, delivering a course on Digital Transformation, in addition to being a feature writer for Builders Merchant News.

Give Andy a call on 07920 015 885 if you want to see how our solution works and how it can help you trade online.

Or catch up with Andy at one of the BMF events, where he is a regular attendee.

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Meet The Team

Kevin Dewhirst

Kevin leads our PIM & product data team. Kev has 15 years experience in product data management systems and as many years in website development, most of which have been spent in the construction products industry.

He has worked on over 25 projects over the years and has worked directly for clients and web agencies, so he understands both the client commercial needs as well as how to deliver them.

Graeme Morgan

Graeme leads our project management and business process team. Graeme initially spent 7 years as an IT director for a multi-national business, later moving into roles that were more focused on business strategy and improvement.

As a result of being responsible for huge IT and business improvement projects, he understands how to manage the people, technology and resources in order to deliver a project on time and in budget.

Andrus Dubina

Andrus is our lead project manager for our development team. He has many years experience in managing multiple complex eCommerce projects from the scoping stage through to delivery.

He oversees our team of 50+ software architects, designers, developers and testers executing the work.

He oversees the full lifecycle of our software development using Agile and waterfall methodologies: managing project scope and priorities, ensuring transparency and working with the technical team to deliver functionality to meet acceptance criteria.


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