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Websites for builders' merchants

Our solution is designed exclusively for your sector and tailored to work for your business.

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How it works

Our solution makes running a website easy, as we take care of all the technical aspects required to keep your website running, such as continuous developments, performance monitoring, backups, hosting, security updates and adherence to legislation such as GDPR and Cyber essentials standards etc.

We ensure your website runs smoothly and consistently in order to help our customers focus on what they do best: Merchanting. In turn, that helps our customers get the results they expect from their website.

Account management

A trades person with access to account management tools is able to manage their business account, whilst checking up on recent orders, payments and account activity; even securing their account against fraudulent purchases, which protects them and the merchant from theft.

Customer who can manage their account online make fewer calls into branch, which reduces mistakes and provides staff with more opportunities to focus on serving the customers who need attention.

Quote builder

Access to their history of invoices, payments and statements mean that the financial management of their business is simplified for the trade customer.

This means they are more likely to pay their invoices on time and manage credit limits more effectively.

Invoices & credits

Access to a history of invoices and payments, combined with our integration into accounting software means that taxes are no longer a headache for the tradesmen.

This means they are more likely to pay their invoices on time and manage credit limits more effectively.

Delivery scheduler

Allowing the merchant to set their own delivery  parameters helps provide a reliable delivery service by setting the customers expectations for how long an order takes to prepare and when a delivery will arrive.

Click & collect

Our system allows a variable ‘branch by branch’ time delay to be set, which allows a branch manager the time they need to check stock and organise an order to be picked for when the customer arrives.

Combined with number plate recognition functionality, our system reduces account fraud by notifying the account holder that a collection has taken place and can even be set to restrict collections unless the number plate is validated.

An end-to-end solution

The only way for a merchant to make a success of trading online is to have connectivity between their back office systems and the website. Our solution creates a seamless user journey, which enables customers to interact with your business in any way they like at a time of their choosing.

Full integration into any back office system.

Cyber security as standard

Cyber crime is the fastest growing crime on earth and one that is often poorly understood by merchants and local law enforcement services, which makes it a significant risk if not taken seriously.

Our world-class security and monitoring technology means your website will always be available for your customers, whilst keeping their sensitive account and personal data secure.

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Our product data solution

You can’t have a high performing website without good quality product data. We’ve created a merchant focused data solution that solves the headaches of gathering and organising large quantities of data.