Merchant Datapool

Merchant Datapool

Bridging the gap between merchants and suppliers.

Our data solution

Gathering product data from multiple suppliers can be a time-consuming and frustrating process; in fact, it’s the largest barrier to being able to trade online for any business.

Which is why we’ve made the job easier. The Merchant Turnkey solution comes with access to a product database, which features product data from over 1400 construction materials suppliers and contains over 120,000 products from heavy-side, light-side, plumbing, heating and electrical.

When combined with their own files, merchants who use our solution usually find a good percentage of the product data they need to trade online.

A few suppliers in our database

Centralise your product data

Create, manage & publish your data, from a single source. The Merchant Turnkey product data management solution allows your product data to be used wherever you need it in your business.

Once you have published the data to your website and mobile, you can use the same data to populate printed catalogues, price lists, point-of-sale material, brochures, invoices, orders and even back into your trading system…

In fact anywhere you need product data can come from a single controllable source in minutes instead of days, weeks or even months.