Where Does My Data Live?

Back office integration

Many companies use back office systems to handle data like customer records, product pricing, and inventory. Technical issues that are usually encountered concern integration – hardware, applications, networking and supply chains.

The problem normally arises when trying to seamlessly integrate this data into your website or mobile application. This usually requires a manual entry into a back end system to actually fulfill the orders and ship them to the end customer.

Product data management

While a company’s back office systems may contain essential data for managing company operations, it might not have detailed information about the products themselves.
That’s where Merchant Turnkey can provide a solution for storing rich product information, including images, media and product descriptions that will be seen by customers.
Storing this data in a central repository allows it to be accessed by your website or used in other marketing materials, such as print catalogues.

Benefits of Merchant Turnkey

  • Deliver more customer services online
  • Better quality and speedier access to information for your customers
  • Streamline business processes by removing redundant steps
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Increase efficiency, agility, accuracy and make less mistakes
  • Receive faster intelligence direct from the marketplace
  • Simpler and centralised ecommerce management
  • Drive maximum value and ROI